About Us

The founding principle of Filsorb was to develop products that solve problems for industry through scientific process.

For two years we experimented with formulas until we perfected Filsorb XP20. Now,  Filsorb XP20 is in production in the United States and available to snack food manufacturers around the world.

Next we set our eyes on developing a product that could help the food service industry and we developed Filsorb XP80, an oil repurifying agent that can help cooking oil last longer, and food taste better

Technical Field Support

We work closely with our clients to ensure that the Filsorb formula is the right product for their process. Our technical field support and expert analysis of our clients is unparalleled.

We visit plants, restaurants, and test kitchens with our testing equipment to ensure that Filsorb will solve their problems. We would be happy to help solve your cooking oil problems too.